• Poetry purse
  • Poetry purse
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Poetry purse

Poetry purse


This wallet can hold coins, notes, a bank card and many other useful things. Its flat format fits easily into any bag. Full-grain leather and golden metallic zip. You'll love the screen-printed poems on the front: Alfred Musset, George Sand from the great classics!

At the end of 2015, Audrey created L'Amoureuse in her workshop in the south-west of France, an ethical leather goods brand with a poetic universe.

Audrey loves the elegance of the classic but does not remain insensitive to the charm of more contemporary shapes and prints. L'Amoureuse offers a collection of models in timeless leather and fabrics, 100% made in France, a value to which she is very attached.

So we can only approve and say welcome to l'Amoureuse in our selection!

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