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Located in Vence on French Riviera, l'Atelier Français is a concept store fully dedicated to the French know-how.

  • Hello October!
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    Hello October!

    "The wind will crack the branches, The mist will come in her white dress, There will be leaves everywhere, Lying on the stones, October will have its revenge" 

  • Back to school !
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    Back to school !

    We exchange the summer detective novel for the grammar books, the beach basket for the school bag, we go back in time for a moment by unrolling the memories of family photos and summer walks ... After a few machines that will have turned to remove the last grains of sand, we take the time to blow and settle down. Yes, that's it, the vacations are over... But back to school also rings with a new season, new projects and lots of new ideas. And here we don't hide the fact that inspiration is not what we lack! Piece by piece, the Atelier Français takes you on board in its selection of furniture and decoration to give your interior a new look. Ready to go?

  • Cap sur l'été !
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    Cap sur l'été !

    Ces longues semaines de confinement ne nous ont pas empêché de remuer ciel et terre pour vous dénicher nos plus belles trouvailles made in France pour cet été !

  • 1 year
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    1 year

    On May 24, 2019, the Atelier Français opened its doors...

  • Swimwear
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    Like its creator Pauline, Baie Brune is a resolutely feminine brand, with the main goal to sublimate women in the sun. A natural, elegant and authentic woman.

  • Flax Passion
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    Flax Passion

    « A big field of blue flax Of the color of the tears Opened on a country of which only love knows about » Louis Aragon

  • Bleu Riviera
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    Bleu Riviera

    How could we open this first page on the web with you, without talking about blue! This precious blue that the Côte d'Azur offers! At the risk of being envious (and sorry for the rhymes), let us tell you about this Bleu Riviera, halfway between an elegant and relaxing tropical sea blue, and this insolent azure sky, which fascinated Renoir, Matisse and Picasso before ... us.

  • Little one
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    Little one

    As you know, the Atelier Français is above all a family adventure. So it seemed obvious to us to devote a whole part of this decor to the kid’s room. A soft universe, in pastel shades, where the child can play and develop freely. A soothing, fun and tender place, entirely thought out for them.

  • Postcards
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    When we launched this beautiful project, many people asked why we chose Vence? Now what seems quite obvious to us was not clear to everyone.